About MedInform Group

MedInform Healthcare Communications
MedInform Group of Companies

Is the only group in Russia that specializes exclusively in marketing healthcare products.

MedInform Group includes such agencies as:

MedInform Selling Solutions – outsourcing, organization of special events, personnel motivation
MedInform Media – media advertising
MedInform Digital – digital solutions for pharmaceutical companies
ZdravPunkt – creative and designer solutions for OTC and RX drugs
MedInform Academy – training of medical representatives

MedInform Group
was founded in 1997, becoming a pioneer in the Russian market of healthcare communication solutions.


Healthcare knowledge and expertise accumulation.
Entering the pool of suppliers for the representatives of the leading pharmaceutical companies. Market analysis, first steps in developing communication strategies for pharmaceutical companies.



Specializing in communications domain using individual approach to various healthcare target audiences. Developing creative solutions for pharmaceutical companies and implementing individual projects for pharmacies.


Offering unique services for the healthcare market.
Creating databases of medical specialists, healthcare facilities, and medical representatives in Russia’s largest cities. Expanding the business to 50 cities in Russia.
Opening MedInform Group representatives in Kiev, Ukraine and Almaty, Kazakhstan.



Development of integrated healthcare solutions. Product line extension, opening of MedInform Academy, ZdravPunkt creative agency, and MedInform Digital. Digital expertise development and implementation of innovative technologies.


MedInform Group today is:

  • 500 medical representatives in 87 regions of Russia
  • unique Pharma Creative DataBase
  • highly effective team of medical professionals and marketing specialists
  • more than 15% share of the Russian market of special media
  • valuable work experience with all the key pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical companies in Russia.